Welcome to Imagination Station Learning Academy

We are a family owned (Mother and Daughter) childcare/learning facility located in northeast Ocala.  Two years ago we began dreaming about opening a high-quality childcare business that would encourage a love of learning in our students and prepare them to thrive in a classroom environment.

When we found the old GTE Financial Credit Union building on 35th Street, we were thrilled.  It had been vacate for over three years and was looking a little sad, but we could see the potential.  By enclosing the drive-thru and renovating the existing building we created a spacious, imaginative learning environment.  Although we have decommissioned the locks, we still have two vaults which will now be used for the safety of our children in case of severe storms. The size of the property allowed for an extensive outdoor learning/play program.  We created a dramatic play area called “Tootsville” complete with both a fire and police station.  We have a playground for our youngest engineers close to the building that offers everything our large playground does just scaled to their size.  Our large playground is nature inspired with plenty of room to run and play.  Our slides are built into a small mound to reduce risk of injury.  In addition to the traditional playground, we have an outdoor stage for dramatic play and special productions.  Our outdoor learning center has plenty of room for instruction, as well as, individual study.  The diamond in our crown is our Whispering Woods where wonder and discover can blossom.  Whether the children are taking advantage of the woodland library, picking books instead of flowers, or wandering under the magical oaks listening to the birds sing there are plenty of magical secrets to explore.

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