Mission Statement

The purpose of the Imagination Station Learning Academy is to provide high quality childcare and educational instruction that supports the family, respects the child, and encourages learning and creativity through play and discovery.

It is our belief that when you provide a safe, loving environment where differences are celebrated, trusting yourself is encouraged, and giving praise for doing your best is always present you create the kind of environment that will allow children to achieve their full potential.

We have worked hard to create a physical environment that will support learning while stimulating curiosity and imagination.  Our outdoor learning centers reinforce our curriculum and provide opportunities to play and learn in a natural environment.

We are a mother/daughter team whose personal goal is to make a difference in the lives of your children. The following story reflects our philosophy:

Once upon a time there was a little engineer

named Wayman C. Johnson, Jr.,

but everyone called him “Chug.”

Chug loved trains and he dreamed of taking his

mighty train across the sky.  Chug spent

all his time thinking about just that.

He worked very hard and did his very

best.  He told everyone he met that

one day he was going to take his mighty

train across the clouds.  Then something

amazing happened – no one told him his dream

was impossible, that it was never going to

happen, that he was crazy for dreaming such

a big, impossible dream.  One day Chug went

missing.  His friends and family could not find him

anywhere.  Then they heard a loud commotion

coming from the sky.  When they looked up

there was Chug, riding his mighty train

across the sky.  Everyone cheered as Chug

waved and blew his train whistle

high in the clouds.